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Hardwood Briquettes

We sell our own sustainable wood briquettes

Processed from sustainable hardwoods as a by-product with no additives and a low moisture content, perfect for open fires and woodburning stoves.

If you're interested in purchasing wood briquettes then please call us on 01844 274342 to check availability.

We recycle our wood shavings!

ATP Joinery uses its own, clean, untreated, kiln-dried hardwood shavings waste to make high quality, long burning eco fuel wood-briquettes.

No trees are felled to produce them, as they are made from clean and untreated waste wood shavings that would otherwise go into landfill.


Ideal for open fires, wood burning/multi-fuel stoves, chimineas and fire pits.

Our briquettes are:

  • Environmentally friendly

  • 100% renewable energy – made from compressed untreated wood shavings and primarily hardwood sawdust 

  • Very dry

  • High heat output

  • Long lasting and slow burning

  • Low ash residue

  • Produces little smoke

  • No additives or binders

  • Carbon neutral

  • Easy to light

  • No sparks or spitting

  • No cutting or chopping

  • Clean storage and handling

These briquettes are ideal for open fires, wood burning/multi-fuel stoves, chimineas and fire pits.

Each pack contains 100 briquettes.

Why are our briquettes best?
Our team
How we make our briquettes 

The briquettes are made from clean, 100% untreated, kiln-dried hardwood shavings that are highly compacted under hydraulic pressure; thus they almost take on the burning behaviour of coal.


The extreme pressure binds the briquettes together, so no additives are used to make the briquettes.


The briquettes produce a consistently high heat output and a slow burn time. 

Our briquettes are easy to light and can be placed directly on top of kindling or firelighters to start the fire. Once the fire is established add more briquettes as required, but never overfill the fire box.  Caution never put more that two briquettes on at a time until you have seen how they burn on your fire, as each briquette produces a lot of heat.

Do not poke the briquettes, as they will continue to provide high heat output from the core until the end of burning. Our Briquettes will burn between 1-4 hours depending on solid fuel appliance and the amount of air flow.

Easy to use
What our customers say

We have lots of happy customers who use our briquettes, here's just some of the feedback we hear:

  • Good quality, very hard do not break or crumble

  • Easy to handle

  • Give off a lot of heat

  • Burn for a long time

  • Burn better than logs

  • Produce very little ash

  • Produce very little smoke

  • Do not smell

Would you like to buy sustainable briquettes?

If you're looking for a regular, reliable briquette supplier, please call us on 01844 274342.

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